Summer school

Summer school
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5 weeks • 40 study hours
2 days per week, 4 study hours per day
  • DATES: 10 JUN - 14 JUL or 22 JUL - 25 AUG
Price: €600.00
Original: €800.00
6 groups:
Tuesday, Wednesday
10:00 - 13:20
Tuesday, Wednesday
16:00 - 19:20
Thursday, Friday
10:00 - 13:20
Thursday, Friday
16:00 - 19:20
Saturday, Sunday
10:00 - 13:20
Saturday, Sunday
16:00 - 19:20
Schedule for introduction meeting:
Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday
10:00, 14:00, 18:00
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The Summer School offers professional artistic training in academic Drawing, Painting, and Composition. It includes practical classes in a painting workshop and introduces the basics of visual literacy, academic methods, and practices drawn from renowned Art Academies and Schools. Students engage in 'studying from nature' and analyzing examples of great Masters. The summer program is more dynamic and vibrant, providing additional short-term ‘stagings’ for sketches and ‘etudes’.

Course overview

During the 5-weeks of course in the workshop, we will be following the next course program:

  • Learning and application of the concept ‘preliminary sketch’
  • Exploring pencil, soft/chalk mediums, pastels, and watercolor techniques
  • Gaining familiarity with academic Drawing and Painting concepts
  • Completing a series of ‘etudes’ and ‘short-term drawings’
  • Great Masters artworks analysis and ‘examples’ of various Art Schools
  • Application of Composition fundamentals (analysis, principles, patterns)
  • Exploring the genre of still life through artistic visual analysis (formal and spacial)
  • Getting in touch with masterpieces of European culture

One of the key benefits of the Summer School is the formation of small study groups, typically with up to 8 participants. This structure ensures personalized and attentive guidance, allowing for individualized explanations, assistance, and demonstrations from the pedagogue. It's an environment tailored to your needs and designed to maximize your learning experience. The Summer School provides a unique experience in a professional painting workshop, emphasizing visual literacy, artistic thinking, and taste. After completing the Summer School participants can opt for the full Annual Course for more in-depth training.


Alexandra Clapatiuc
About the teacher
Alexandra Clapatiuc
Ph.D., an expert in Academic Fine Art Didactics

Alexandra is an accomplished easel painter from Eastern Europe, renowned as a professional fine art teacher, lecturer, methodist, curator, publicist, and researcher. With over 16 years dedicated to Academic Fine Art Education and Art Phenomenon, she integrates insights from intensive art practice, art psychology, academic fine art methodology and didactics, art history and theory, philosophy, and cultural studies. Alexandra brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her role, ensuring a rich and engaging learning experience for her students.

years of teaching in academic fine art institutions
years of art practice
years of fine art studying and research
Who is the course for?
The Art courses we offer are intended for both professional artists and beginners, being designed for high school students 15+ y.o., university students, designers and artists who already have a basic knowledge in fine art practice. At the same time, we expect people who were never in touch with any artistic practice before, but strongly desire to shape their knowledge on fine art fundamentals.
Art materials for the course
The price for art materials is not included in the course fee, thus participants should acquire them separately. You will certainly receive a list of needed art materials before the commencement of the course.
Methodical materials
Throughout the course, participants will be able to use high-quality teaching materials (collections of reproductions) from the world heritage of painting and drawing, combined with samples from various Academies and Art Schools. These materials will be used during the educational process on practical artistic analysis of artworks.

Next available dates:

09 Jun - 13 Jul 2024
6 spots available
21 Jul - 24 Aug 2024
6 spots available

Frequently asked questions

Language of instruction


Location. Where will the course take place?

The course will be held in our painting workshop at: Rotterdamsedijk 417A, 3112 AP Schiedam, Netherlands You can find the location on Google maps.

Course fees

Summer school - € 600 for 40 academic hours/lectures in the workshop

Art materials for the course

The price for art materials is not included in the course fee, thus participants should acquire them separately. You will certainly receive a list of needed art materials before the commencement of the course.

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You can contact us by phone on +31 64 114 2777 or by e-mail Or, you can make use of our contact form by clicking below