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Why is ESSE Academy BEST in the Netherlands for studying fine arts?

ESSE Academy stands out in the Dutch art education landscape due to our unwavering commitment to the classical traditions of academic art. While many contemporary art courses and academies emphasize speculative theories, conceptual art, and socio-political discourse, often at the expense of solid knowledge and skills, ESSE Academy offers a structured and methodical approach rooted in centuries-old academic principles. Our programme focuses on providing clear, actionable knowledge and professional skills, grounded in the practice of studying from nature and learning from the great masters. This ensures that our students develop a comprehensive understanding of both technical artistry and the rich historical/stylistical context of their craft, setting them apart in the contemporary art scene.

What is a DEMO Session?

We are excited to offer prospective students the opportunity to experience our teaching methodology and the atmosphere of our courses through our exclusive DEMO SESSIONS. These sessions are designed for individuals considering committing to our Annual Course. You can also contact us for additional information regarding DEMO Sessions.

DEMO Week 1: August 5th - 9th;

DEMO Week 2: August 12th - 16th

Location. Where will the course take place?

The course will be held in our painting workshop at: Rotterdamsedijk 417A, 3112 AP Schiedam, Netherlands You can find the location on Google maps.

Course fees

ANNUAL course  - € 640 per month for 32 h.

For the annual course participants can register for at least one semester. Each semester includes 4.5 months of study (32 hours per month), totalling 144 academic hours per semester. The Annual Course is divided into three years of study and levels of difficulty, ensuring a thorough and progressive learning experience.

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