ESSE Academy

The ESSE Academy – Painting School of Anatol Ghimpu is a professional easel painting school, founded with the idea of Academic Fine Art Education, meaning classical approaches and programme of teaching and training. Our main activity is focused on Fine Art Courses for both professionals and people interested in academic training of easel Painting, Drawing and Composition. Therefore, the ESSE team welcomes everyone who wants to gain a new practical experience and academic knowledge in easel fine art, as well as form an understanding of artistic practice for different levels and complexity.

Demo course

Each DEMO course consists of 3 sessions, 3 academic hours each and is focused on a specific subject like studying still life, portrait or nude.

Beginners Intermediate Advanced Plein Air
B1 Still life INT1 Portrait A1 from Still life to Thematic figure P1 "Plein air" painting and drawing (landscape) 3 to 4 days
INT2 Portrait with hands
B2 Human hand INT3 Human figure A2 from Nude torso to Nude figure P2 ""Plein air" painting and drawing (landscape) 7 to 12 days
INT4 Nude

Academic Drawing

Easel drawing is one of the basic disciplines within academic and classical fine art education. Everything in the world starts from an idea, as well as every projection comes from a visual idea - a primary sketch. Thus, drawing always served as a fundamental of every visual beginning. Within the ESSE courses we cross all over the academic programme starting studying from geometrical bodies to nude models.
In our view, drawing begins with the culture of perception, aesthetics and artistic side of everything visible: a free stroke, a sense of the space around you and the model, the integrity of the flow of light, the coherent glide of the sight, as well as the measure of selection, the essence of what is seen. Namely this sense of measure is what we use to call artistic taste. Likewise, easel drawing means artistic vision education, which starts in Academias and Classical Painting Schools.

Academic Painting

Easel painting is another fundamental practical discipline, being the most superior, complex and marvelous spheres of arts generally. First steps in painting involve studying of academic fundamentals, a range of fine art concepts, regularities and principles, starting from composition of elements in the format and ending with its integrity and artistic solution. It is a constant analysis, comparison and finally thought - spending of yourself.

At the same time, only the idea itself about the comprehension of color and its vision is already something beyond, something personal. Therefore, there might be no formulas for painting or perceiving color. Fine art education may highlight principles, may disclose color phenomena only, it can not provide recipes. Consequently, there is a long way for cultivating and educating the vision of color, which in the end is individual for each person.

Who is the course for?
The courses are intended for both professional artists and beginners, being designed for high school students 15+ y.o., university students and artists who already have a basic knowledge in fine art practice. At the same time, we expect people who were never in touch with any artistic practice before, but strongly desire to shape their knowledge on fine art fundamentals.
Art materials for the course
Art materials for the course are provided by the school for the entire duration of the program. Since easel painting and graphics will be performed in different techniques, a number of graphic mediums will be available in our workshop - pastel, charcoal, sanguine, sepia, Russian sauce, watercolor, gouache and much more. However, participants may bring to class the materials they are comfortable working with.
Methodical materials
Throughout the course, participants will be able to use high-quality teaching materials (collections of reproductions) from the world heritage of painting and drawing, combined with samples from various Academies and Art Schools. These materials will be used during the educational process on practical artistic analysis of artworks.

Requirements and materials

Free introductory meeting
The ESSE workshop is always open for people eager to know more about our courses, available offers and study process generally. You can always register for an introductory meeting for free, visit our workshop and discuss with the curator.
Registration for the course
n order to enroll, participants must register on the website and pay for the preferred section (B1, B2, INT1, INT2, INT3, INT4, A1, A2). Registration is open within the limited number of the available places.
Course fees
The long-term course will have different prices, depending on the level of the group (beginner / intermediate / advanced), starting from € 399. As well, since the offered courses are a PILOT project in the Netherlands, we are also open to personalised programmes for participants, if necessary.

Get in touch

Contact for more information about the courses, registration or the programme. If you want a special course, please contact us, and we will think along with you for a personalised programme.

Frequently asked questions

Language of instruction


Registration for the one-week test-course

In order to enroll, participants must register on the website and pay for the preferred test-course. Registration is open within the limitation of the available places. The maximum number of participants in a class is 3 people.

Location. Where will the course take place?

The course will be held in the AT Workshop which is equipped with easels and other necessary equipment for artistic activities and comfortable studying. The location is situated at the address: Rotterdamsedijk 417A, 3112 AP Schiedam, Netherlands

Course fees

The long-term course will have different prices, depending on the level of the group (beginner / intermediate / advanced), starting from € 399,-. The cost for one-week test-course (9 academic hours) is € 90,-

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